What information of mine do fraudsters have?

At the very least, the fraudsters need to have your full name and full social security number to initiate a claim.  Additionally, the states will ask for other information such as a driver’s License number or date of birth.

Due to the confidentiality of this information and the fact that this information may be used in the investigation and possible prosecution of the case, the state workforce agencies will not release what information was used to Thomas & Company.

An Identity Protection program may be able to provide some additional support.  If you are not currently enrolled in a program, we have partnered with Aura Identity Guard, a leader in identity theft protection, to provide you protection for a low monthly rate.  Aura will assign you a dedicated Case Manager as a single point of contact to assist with:

  1. Contacting the state workforce agency to help resolve the UI Fraud claim.
  2. Determining if you have been a victim of other identity theft and help you resolve it.
  3. Providing ongoing protection from fraud to help achieve personal and financial goals. 

Aura will utilize the resources they have available and attempt to identify the source of the identity theft which can provide insights into any further actions that may be needed.  To enroll in identity theft protection, please visit https://get.identityguard.com/thomasco.

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