Why does my employee need to report the fraud to the State Workforce Agency? Didn’t Thomas & Company already notify the state?

Thomas & company will notify the state within 24 hours of any fraudulent claims. This is just one step in the process to investigate the case.  We will continue to monitor the case and your account to ensure that you are not charged for any fraudulent benefits.


The employee does need to reach out to the state and FTC directly as well. 

  • State Workforce Agencies want to hear directly from fraud victims and may need access to information or verification data that neither you nor Thomas & Company may have.
  • When the employee enters the information on the FTC Identity theft site (https://www.identitytheft.gov/) they will also be provided with a personalized recovery plan based on the information that is provided in their identity theft report.  They can update their plan, track the progress and get pre-filled forms and letters from the FTC.



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