What is a Separation Notice and am I required to give one to all my employees?

Many states now require the employer to provide a separation notice to their employees when they are furloughed/laid off or let go to provide direct notice to your employees of the availability of unemployment compensation benefits. The list of states is changing often, so for the latest updates, please see the Separation Notice article.


In states that do not require a separation notice, you can provide a letter for your staff to help them determine how to file for unemployment benefits in those states. Include information such as:

  • The link to the state site for filing a claim (see our Claimants guide on the Thomas & Company COVID-19 page).
  • A list of what they need to file – they need to provide their full legal name, their social security number or work authorization if they are not a US Citizen/resident.
  • Provide the employees with the full company name, (as registered with the state), the state account number and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) so that state can expedite the verification of employment and wages.



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