Unemployment Fraud: Protect Your Identity

What is unemployment claim fraud and how can it affect me?

It is when someone fraudulently uses your name, Social Security Number, and other personal information to attempt to collect unemployment benefits on your behalf. It’s important to address the fraud because you may be responsible for paying taxes on unemployment income you never earned.


How do I know if I am a victim?

There are few ways you may find out that your information was used fraudulently. You may:

  • Receive a notification from your state unemployment insurance agency.
  • Receive an IRS Form 1099-G that reports unemployment income.
  • Get notified by your employer about an application of unemployment.


Can I get assistance if I am a victim of UC fraud?

Yes, Thomas & Company and Aura Identity Guard have partnered to provide a unique solution to assist victims of UC fraud.


Aura Identity Guard is here to help you every step of the way.

Aura Identity Guard – a leader in identity theft protection and digital security – is available to assist in responding to fraudulent unemployment claims and protect you from further threats with your stolen information. Follow these simple steps to get help today:

  1. Visit identityguard.com/thomasco
  2. Select a plan and complete the enrollment process
  3. Call the 800-number and get help from a dedicated Case Manager who will assist with:
    1. Contacting the state workforce agency to help resolve the UI Fraud claim
    2. Determining if you have been a victim of other identity theft and help you resolve it
    3. Providing ongoing protection from fraud to help you achieve personal and financial goals

Once enrolled, Aura Identity Guard will continuously monitor your identity and credit and alert you to potential fraud events.


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