What is block my data and what function does it provide?

The option to block your data means that all employment and/or wage verification requests will not be completed. This includes all data, not just data pertaining to your earnings.

If your employer requires a verifier pin for the website, please see the following instructions to block your data.

Go to  https://verify.thomas-and-company.com/
  1. Click ‘GET STARTED’
  3. Provide your name
  4. Provide an email you have access to
  5. Provide the social security number (once the system verifies the social more requirements will pop up)
  6. Provide the company code
  7. Provide the employee ID or authorization ID
  8. Click Continue (a message will appear that an email has been sent to the email used in step 6)
  9. Check email for a message from Thomas and Company
  10. Click on the link provided in the email

After logging in:

  1. Click the red Block button on the right side of the screen
  2. Agree

To unblock you will log back into the portal as listed above and choose the same option to unblock your data.

If your employer does not require a verifier pin, you will need to email us at verifications@thomas-and-company.com. Please provide a letter that provides your full name, name of your employer, the last four of your social security number, and a statement to show that you are asking for your wage data to be blocked. This letter must contain a physical signature.

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