What is a verifier pin and how is it obtained?

The verifier pin is the employee’s authorization allowing us to release their wage information to you. This must be obtained by the employee. In order for the employee to obtain a verifier pin the employee will need to go to our website, www.thomas-and-company.com, and go under the “Employee Access” section of the website. Once they are in the employee section, they will follow the prompts & enter in the personal information that is required and they will then be provided a verifier pin. When the employee has obtained the verifier pin, they will be given the option to email this to the individual who is requesting the verification on them. We do recommend that you provide the employee with your email address so that they can email the pin to you & then you are able to copy & paste it in your order when you are asked for it.

If the employee would like for us to email them the step by step instructions on obtaining the verifier pin please have them contact us at 615-620-0569 or email us at verifications@thomas-and-company.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us back or you may contact our office at 615-620-0569 and one of our representatives will be available to assist you.

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