How did someone get my information to file a claim?

The actual source of the information may never really be known.  Recent data breaches have exposed a large amount of information that is available for purchase on the dark web.  Bad actors are filing these claims by buying identities online, taking advantage of prior data breaches, network intrusions, email phishing or cold calling using an impersonation scheme to get personal information.

Be careful in sharing information or asking for assistance through Social Media. Fraudsters will look for bits of information on Social Media in order to put together enough information to file a claim using your identity.

Some Identity Theft Protection programs may be able to identify the source of the identity theft.  If you are not currently enrolled or a program is not offered by your employer, we have partnered with Aura Identity Guard, a leader in identity theft protection, to provide you protection for a low monthly rate.  Aura is unique in that you will be assigned a dedicated Case Manager as a single point of contact to assist with:

    1. Contacting the state workforce agency to help resolve the UI Fraud claim.
    2. Determining if you have been a victim of other identity theft and help you resolve it.
    3. Providing ongoing protection from fraud to help achieve personal and financial goals.

For more information about Aura Identity Guard, please visit (

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