What does the State Workforce Agency do once I report the fraud to them?

When a potential fraud case is opened with the State Workforce Agency, they will use a variety of steps to investigate the case.  Using the information that you provide and cross matching your data with a variety of sources, the state will investigate each case and make a determination.

Once identity theft has been discovered, the State Workforce Agencies will often work with the State Police, U.S. Department of Labor Office of Inspector General, FBI, Secret Service and the State Attorney General’s Office, as well as several banking partners, to ensure appropriate prosecution and recovery of funds where possible. Once the theft is reported to the State Workforce Agency, the agency revokes the UI account and cooperates with law enforcement and banks, but it’s up to those external agencies, and not the state, to locate the criminals and prosecute them. 

The state may need additional information from you so it is important to complete any additional state requests for information quickly, so they can complete your case.

Many states are currently overwhelmed with fraudulent cases so it may take some time to get any status updates from the state.  Make sure that you document your attempts to reach out and keep a record of who you spoke to, when you spoke and what the next steps need to be.

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