Is the unemployment fraud due to a T&C security issue?

As noted in earlier Thomas and Company (T&C) communications, there has been a significant increase in fraudulent unemployment benefits claims the past year or two.  Taking advantage of an overloaded unemployment benefits system, bad actors are using personal information, obtained through identity theft or data breaches, to file for unemployment benefits and hoping that their fraudulent claims will just blend in with the millions of legitimate claims being filed. Please visit this link to see the FBI news release in July 2020. 

While we want to inform our clients about the existence of this activity around the country, we also want to assure all our clients that this activity does not reflect any lapse of security here at T&C.  We have a robust system of advanced security controls that we constantly and pro-actively monitor and update, and we have not detected any system or data breaches.  

An overview of our Security and Privacy Programs can be found on our website here: 

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