How do I complete Partial Claims in Georgia?

In a recent communication from the Georgia Department of Labor, they have added additional security measures to the Partial Claim Process. Per GA DOL"The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) Employer-Filed Claims (EFC) program, also referred to as partial claims, has been reinstated with more stringent security measures to enhance the validity of personal and payment information used to determine entitlement to unemployment benefits.

Employers may only submit EFCs for full-time employees (30 hours or more) working less than full-time due to lack of work only and earns an amount not exceeding his/her unemployment insurance weekly amount plus the earnings allowance of $150.

Employers, employees/claimants and GDOL must partner together to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted for unemployment claims which ensures payments are made appropriately and to the actual individuals entitled to receive them. We all own integrity to protect and preserve the unemployment benefits available for individuals who meet the requirements.

The following changes have been made to the EFC process:

  • Employees are required to complete an Employer-Filed Claim profile including the preferred payment information and verify their identity with before payments can be made. This process can be completed prior to submittal of the EFC.
  • The verification is required only once for benefit payments to be made unless an employee attempts to change his/her preferred payment information.
    • For example, the initial week ending date 12/4/2021 is submitted by the employer on 12/6/2021. The employee verifies with on 12/5/2021. The employer submits another partial claim for WED 12/11/2021 and the payment releases 12/13/2021 because has already been completed.
    • You may find more information about the process at
  • Individuals are strongly encouraged to keep their personal and payment information up to date to ensure timely receipt of benefit payments and ensure the security of their account information. This also ensures they receive correspondence from GDOL.
  • Employees will receive email notification each time an EFC is submitted using their personal information.
  • Employers may view claim information on the Employer Portal for EFCs submitted under your employer account to establish initial claims on or after 3/15/2020. The details provide monetary entitlement (benefit year period, weekly and maximum benefit amounts), status of EFC Profile and verification. You can find more information in the Employer-Filed Claims Guide. Select the View EFC Claims link.
  • Employer-Filed (Partial) Claim Employee Instructions, DOL-5198 (11/21) has been developed to advise employees of their responsibilities and requirements to receive unemployment benefits. Employers must provide this form to employees for which an EFC will be filed to minimize delays in payments. The DOL-5198 is also available on the GDOL website and Employer Portal dashboard.

If you have any questions, please contact the Employer-Filed (Partial) Claims at 404-232-3050 or email"

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