Unemployment Fraud: Protect Your Employees

As your Unemployment Claims Management partner, we feel it is important to keep you informed on a recent trend we are seeing in our business: unemployment claim (UC) fraud. Thomas & Company is here to help our employer clients address UC fraud, and we’ve created a partnership with Aura Identity Guard to help protect your employees.


The Impact of Unemployment Fraud

While UC fraud affects employers, it also has a significant, lasting impact on employees. Finding out that they are a victim can be stressful. Resolving the claim can be confusing and time-consuming. Plus, once their personal information has been compromised, continuing to monitor their identity and finances for additional threats can be overwhelming.


How Do Employees Know If They Are a Victim of UC Fraud?

Several ways that an employee will learn they have become a victim include:

  • Receiving a notice from their state unemployment insurance agency.
  • Receiving an IRS Form 1099-G that reports unemployment income.
  • Getting notified by their employer about an application of unemployment benefits.


A Partnership to Help Your Employees

We have created a preferred partnership with Aura Identity Guard - a leader in identity theft protection and digital security - to assist your employees:

  • Resolve UC fraud.
  • Provide identity and credit monitoring.
  • Reduce the possibility of future fraud events.
  • Provide ongoing protection from fraud to help achieve personal and financial goals, like buying or renting a home, paying for education, and saving for retirement.


Employees will receive a dedicated Case Manager who will be their single point of contact and help them every step of the way. To get help, employees visit get.identityguard.com/thomasco, choose a plan, enroll, and call an 800-number to talk to an expert.


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