What can Thomas & Company do to help deny the fraudulent claim?

The first step is for Thomas & Company, or any employer, to file a response with the unemployment agency to alert the state that a claim was fraudulently filed using the identity of an active team member.  Please be aware that team members at all levels of the American workforce have had their identity used to file fraudulent unemployment claims, up to and including corporate CEO’s. The fraud investigators we partnered with also recommended that the team member contact the fraud unit directly to report that their identity has been used to file a claim for UI benefits.  This allows the fraud investigators to obtain information directly from the fraud victim to help resolve the case.

We will provide you with a state specific memo that outlines exactly what actions need to be taken and provide you with the state specific contacts and procedures to report the possible fraud. Based on recommendations provided by most government agents we have partnered with; the memo also includes:

  • A link to the Federal Trade Commission website for identity theft that has detailed information on the actions a victim of identity theft should take to protect themselves from further use of their stolen identity.
  • A link to our Knowledge Base that includes the FAQ's about fraud and a way for your employees to ask our UI Fraud team any additional questions.

Identity Theft Protection programs are another option for your employees. If you do not offer anIdentity Theft Protection program or your plan does not offer assistance in uncovering the source of the identity theft and assistance in resolving the UI Fraud claim issue, we have partnered with Aura Identity Guard, a leader in identity theft protection, to provide your employees with protection for a low monthly rate.  Aura is unique in that your employee will be assigned a dedicated Case Manager as a single point of contact to assist with:

    1. Contacting the state workforce agency to help resolve the UI Fraud claim.
    2. Determining if they have been a victim of other identity theft and help them resolve it.
    3. Providing ongoing protection from fraud to help achieve personal and financial goals.

For more information about Aura Identity Guard, please visit (identityguard.com/thomasco).

In consideration of the current volume of fraudulent claims being filed as a result of identity theft, Thomas & Company is making regular updates as new information is received from the State Workforce Agencies including updating state contact information as individual agencies are making changes in how this type of fraud can be reported due to the increased activity. 

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