My employee received a check and/or a debit card for benefits they did not apply for. What should they do?

If you or your employees receive any type of notice relating to unemployment such as a benefit check, debit card, determination or notice of overpayment and they did not file a claim, these too should be reported to Thomas & Company and the State Workforce Agency.

  • For debit cards and benefit checks, the employee should contact the state immediately for further instructions.
    • Do not activate any debit cards received.
    • While the state advice will vary, you may be asked to destroy the card or write “VOID “on the check and return it to the state.
    • If possible, when sending anything to the state agency, it is best to use registered mail to have confirmation that the documents were delivered.
    • Keep copies of all correspondence and make notes of all conversations and attempts to reach out to the state.
  • If your employees receive a monetary determination or notice of overpayment, please send Thomas & Company a copy of the notice received.
    • The employee should also reach out to the State Workforce Agency using the contact information found on the notice and alert them that this this is related to a fraudulent claim and that the money was not issued to the employee.
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